LOLOLOL. So many reblogs for a paint-shopped unicorn picture.

LOLOLOL. So many reblogs for a paint-shopped unicorn picture.

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I guess…

I guess sometimes things come to an end for a reason.
Sometimes it’s to break away, to realise that you made a mistake and whatever you ran away from is where you belong.
Or sometime’s because it’s the right thing to do.

But the question at hand is how do we know which reason is right? How do we judge and differentiate from what we need from what we want, what we try to push ourselves into believing and what is just simply put, ment to be?

I suppose time plays a very good factor in all this. But sometimes, won’t time just fade your last memories of someone? Won’t time just make those heartfelt moments fuzzy and unreadable?
Won’t time just make room for others to come into your life and to help you push away what once was?

I suppose we all need to take all these factors into consideration. Sure, I’ve had my fair share of people telling me they don’t believe it. They thought we would last forever and we were the cutest couple. But - I suppose everything that has happened, only I can judge and honestly have an input on my relationship.

Because a relationship is between two people, and only two people.

Sure, when things come to and en, it’s shaky for both people. You don’t know what to do, you stare at that empty hole in your life and try to fill it up with multitudes of things. You think back to who you were before you met them. & at some time in this whole process, you either think - I am who I am today because of them and they’ve changed my life so much for the better or you think that person just dragged me down from everything I ever wanted in life. Whichever one you think of, you end up balancing in your mind, you weigh it up and then in due time you will probably regret your decision in letting go, or be grateful for it.

It’s those relationships that were in the years you grew most as a person that change you the most. I may know little to nothing about love - heck, after all this I don’t even know if I know what love is but I know that sometimes, you have to please the other person because you love them too much.

Sometimes you just have to let go.

Letting go - so easy to say, so easy to type, so easy to do in your mind yet so hard to actually factor. The amount of times I’ve tried to let go and failed miserably, I can count up mindlessly. Yet the more effort I take, the more I am reminded of why I fell in love with that person again. But I suppose, I don’t know them anymore. No one does. Everyone knows that they have changed. But - I just for once, feel a bit cheated. That coincidentally, he has so much time on his hands, when a month ago - he was caught up on time and couldn’t give me attention. It’s frustrating at the same time to see all this happen. I regret what I am now, miserable because I don’t have who I want to make me happy. But I will just keep thinking, this once more, that I will be happy in due time.

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